Notes From the Road: Northwest Quest

A few weeks ago, Tawonga’s Northwest Quest returned from three weeks of backpacking, rock climbing, rafting and sea kayaking throughout Southern Oregon and down the California coast.

Enjoy highlights and photos below!

Quest Leaders

Delaney Brummé, Sarah Bjerkholt and Ari Ziegler


12 Questers ages 13-16

Northwest Itinerary

The Questers launched their adventure exploring Southern Oregon via the Trinities. From there, they headed down the glorious California coast.

Trip Highlight

The group really took charge of planning one particular Shabbat by leading a beautiful Shabbat dinner and Kabbalat Shabbat service under a full moon in the high desert.

Bonding Moment

During a spontaneous late night song session and cuddle puddle on our backpacking trip in the beautiful Marble Mountains under the stars.

Favorite Quote

“Sarah was driving so slow, even the grandmas were passing us!”

Reflections from Quest Leaders

Why did you want to be a Quest leader?

“To help kids connect with nature and develop more responsibility and autonomy.”

What is your favorite part of this job?

“Getting to form stronger bonds with kids and watching them fall in love with the outdoors.”


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