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Five Podcasts to Prepare for Any Incident

Below are a series of five podcasts produced by Tawonga Institute featuring the insights and experiences of our long-time Executive Director, Ken Kramarz, and sponsored by the Foundation for Jewish Camp.

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1. OMing Your Annual Meeting with Neighbors and Responders

Learn how to identify and refine design outcomes with Tawonga’s patented “OMing” system and use it to plan a great lunch for your neighbors and responders.

2. Preparing Your Staff and Board

Learn how to prepare your staff and Board for the roles they may play should an Incident arise at your camp.

3. Setting Up Your Incident Command Post (ICP)

Learn how to select locations in advance for your Incident Command Post and what you need to equip it with to feel ready for any response.

4. Key Roles in the Incident Command System

Learn the basics of the governmental system which Tawonga has adopted for use at camps and other community agencies to quickly mobilize your staff in case of an Incident.

5. Communications (External) in an Incident

Learn our Top Tips for creating public communications that are timely, accurate and effective with all your constituencies.

By downloading a podcast or resource, I agree that it will be used exclusively to help my agency in Incident Preparedness. Permission is expressly NOT given to sell, re-share, edit or copy for any other purpose. I understand that these podcasts and resources are for general purposes only and are not intended to be comprehensive and are not a substitute for complete training in Incident Preparedness, nor for the advice of other legal, communication or safety professionals.

Tawonga strongly recommends that every agency get complete professional guidance and make specific plans for its facility and for staff training.

Podcast One-Pagers

Podcast Team

Ken Kramarz, Director, Tawonga Institute

Ken Kramarz

Director, Tawonga Institute

Steve Gershik, Host, Producer and Past Tawonga President

Steve Gershik

Host, Producer and Past Tawonga President

Robin Parvin, Emergency Preparedness Liaison for Sausalito Sustainability Commission

Robin Parvin

Emergency Preparedness Liaison for Sausalito Sustainability Commission


For more information and to begin training for your organization, email Ken Kramarz at ken@tawonga.org.

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