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Jen and Jon Boxerman

“Take me home to the place I belong Camp Tawonga.”

When I was old enough, my grandma sent me to a Jewish summer camp she knew of in southern California to provide access to Judaism that I didn’t have at home in the hopes that i’d one day “marry a nice Jewish boy.” Camp was my only connection to Judaism growing up. After my CIT summer, I wanted to stay involved and joined the Jewish Student Union on campus. I was on the phone in the JSU interviewing to run the camp’s summer 1999 CIT program, when a woman on the couch said “call them back and tell them no thanks, you’re going to Tawonga.” She introduced me to other Tawongans and I was hired as Assistant Unit Head. At Tawonga, I received the nickname “Hoeni” – made lifelong friends, received invaluable job training and found a place I belong – a Jewish home I can always return to. I was a Unit Head summer 2000 and joined the full time staff that fall.

Summer 2001, I met Jon Boxerman (Unit Counselor 1995, Prep Cook 1997 and 2001). We were married Memorial Day weekend 2006 surrounded by our Tawonga family and celebrate our anniversary at Spring Family Camp with our kids. We are honored to help secure the Tawonga legacy.

Oo Ka Chi Ah,
The Boxerman’s (Jen “Hoeni”gsberg, Jon, Griffin and Wesley)

-Meadow photo: Revisiting the meadow behind stone couch where we first kissed for our engagement announcement (2004).
-Jon’s proud of helping to build the shvitz (1995).
-Jen in the Camp Office with Lom and Lior (2002).