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Sending Your Child to Camp Is a Big Step

We view our relationship with you as a partnership and want to help support you as you prepare to send your child to Camp. Below are Tawonga resources to help you prepare, as well as more information about our camper information forms.

Parent Resources

How to Register

Returning Families

Returning families can register here. Once logged into your account, click on ‘Registration Form’ to begin registering.

New Families

New families can get started here. Once you have created an account, click on ‘Registration Form’ to begin registering.

Camper Forms

Camper Information Forms are vital for our staff to best serve your child. They provide our team with valuable information about their health history, likes and dislikes and logistical information such as transportation. They give your child permission to participate in our programs, and ensure that we are prepared for your child before they come to Camp. Forms are due on April 10 to give our staff adequate time to read your responses and prepare to best support your child. When we do not have important camper information, it makes it more difficult for us to support children in the unique ways suited for them.

In order to get your child the best chance of getting their bunkmate request(s), you MUST SUBMIT ALL FORMS BY APRIL 10.

Camper Forms FAQs

I still have more questions about camper forms. I want to talk to someone about how to best care for my child. What should I do?

Call or email us at 415.543.2267 or

We value our relationship with you and want to ensure that you have provided all the information you feel is necessary for us to best serve your child. Our entire team is here for you. Whether you’d like to speak with our Registrar about your account or a director about the unique needs of your child, we’re happy to help!

I filled out forms when I registered my child. Have I completed my Camper Information Forms?

Camper Information forms are different from the forms you filled out when you registered your camper. These forms include information about your camper’s readiness for camp, health history, dietary needs, bunkmate requests, transportation preferences and more.

How do I return downloadable forms to the Tawonga office?

There are three methods for returning downloadable forms:

  1. Scan and Upload – Next to each form that can be downloaded is an arrow that says “upload.” You can upload a PDF of your child’s completed form there.
  2. Fax – Fax forms to 1.415.852.4230 (Must dial 1 even when dialing from a 415 area code.) Note: each form has a camper-specific barcode on it that links the form to your child’s account when you fax it back to us).
  3. Mail – All downloadable forms can be mailed to the Camp Tawonga Office: Camp Tawonga – Forms 
131 Steuart Street Ste 460, 
San Francisco, CA 94105

I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for my child after the form’s due date. Is that okay?

Yes! We know medical appointments can be difficult to schedule with your child’s physician. Please let us know when your child’s appointment is before March 31st so we will know when to expect the form.

Is a physical exam form completed by a doctor due each year?

Yes! A physician’s exam and signed medical form is required every 12 months. Tawonga provides a Physician’s Exam Form for your child’s doctor to fill out. If your child has seen their doctor this school year, you can have your child’s doctor fill out the Tawonga Physician’s Exam form based on that appointment. If your child has not seen a doctor in the 12 months preceding the end of your child’s program, you need to make a new appointment.

When are Camper Forms due?

Forms are due April 10th. We will send you a reminder a week before that date to remind you.

When will the forms be available?

Forms will be available in early March. We will email you the exact date when they go live, and we will email you that day to remind you.

How do I fill out Family Camp Forms?

It has never been easier to fill out your Family Camp Forms! Follow these easy steps:

  • Enter your email address and password (if you don’t remember your password click “Retrieve/Set Password”
  • On your Forms Dashboard click “Forms and Documents”
  • Under “Applications, Forms & Documents” you will see each child registered for camp and their required summer forms. Click through your child’s forms and fill them out.

NOTE: Forms will appear for each child registered for Family Camp—but you only need to fill out Family Camp Forms ONCE PER FAMILY

Can I fill out Camper Information Forms online?

YES! You can complete almost all your Camper Information forms online. The only forms that cannot be completed online are the Physician’s Exam Form and any Quest outfitter releases. Those need to be downloaded, printed, filled out and submitted via upload, fax or mail (see steps above).

How do I fill out my camper’s forms?

It has never been easier to fill out Camper Information Forms! Follow these easy steps:

  • Login to our Camper Form
  • Enter your email address and password (if you don’t remember your password click “Retrieve/Set Password”)
  • On your Forms Dashboard, click “Forms and Documents”
  • Under “Applications, Forms, & Documents” you will see each child registered for camp and their required summer forms. Click through your child’s forms and fill them out.

Additional Questions?

Feel free to reach us, we are happy to help! 415.543.2267 or

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