Campers Join Tawonga’s First Archaeological Dig

By Ken Kramarz   Campers got their hands dirty this summer in Tawonga’s first ever archaeological dig, and boy was...

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Goodnight, Camp Tawonga

Tonight was definitely bittersweet It's truly an honor to have had the chance to spend the last two and a half weeks with...

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Goodbye, Session IV!

It's been an amazing few weeks with Session IV, and it’s hard to believe we’ve arrived at the bittersweet end Today,...

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Big Night at Camp Tawonga!

What a jam-packed day at Camp   We started off the evening with a super popular event known as International dinner...

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Camper Reflections

It's our last full day of Session IV, and campers and staff alike are feeling reflective about our time at Camp Tawonga...

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All Smiles at Tawonga

What an amazing Shabbat experience with Session IV! After a sleep in breakfast of bagels and cereal, we made our way down...

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My First Time at Camp Tawonga

By Sydney Campbell, Camp Blogger and Photographer   A couple of months ago I was introduced to Camp Tawonga, and...

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The Power of Hineni

By Laura Rumpf, Jewish Programmer   Ode to showering, water streaming onto my body, soap cleansing both body and...

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Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Aaron Lurie, Kitchen Manager

As Tawonga's Kitchen Manager, Aaron Lurie is responsible for providing tasty, healthy and nourishing meals for nearly...

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Welcoming Shabbat

Shabbat shalom from Camp Tawonga! Shabbat is a time to rest, reflect and feel connected to our own personal form of...

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