Tawonga Together LIVE 2021

Our Tawonga Together LIVE 2021 concert on April 11 marked Camp Tawonga’s 95th anniversary, bringing together generations of Tawongans for a joyful virtual celebration while raising critical funds for Camp. 

Over 1,000 people on nearly 400 screens tuned in – thank you to everyone who joined us! Our amazing song leaders, musicians and hosts created a truly special program for our community to reconnect with one another, reflect on our history and celebrate our future.

We are deeply grateful to our donors and sponsors for their incredible support, which enabled us to surpass our $300,000 event goal, bringing our grand total to $372,100! Following a particularly challenging budget year for our agency, this support ensures that children will soon be experiencing the life-changing mission of Camp Tawonga this summer.


In case you missed it, below enjoy stories, songs and shtick from the event!

Tawonga Stories of Impact


Alumni Share How Camp Shaped Their Lives

The experience of Camp Tawonga can stay with you for a lifetime. Hear alums Maggie Polachek and Andrew Grossman share how their experiences as campers and staff shaped who they are today.

Campers and Parents Reflect on a Year Without Tawonga

COVID-19 has affected all of us in different ways. For the Tawonga community, a year without Camp revealed just how much we depend on this loving community and home away from home.

Songs & Shtick


“Country Roads”

Lizzie Logan
Tawonga-inspired Comedy

Maya Elise
“Stars in the Sky”

Marsha Attie
“Heart of Mine”

Devin Leslie

Jonathan & Lilah Ferris
“Big Yellow Taxi”

Shiloh & Lily Atkinson
“How Could Anyone Ever Tell You”

Lisa Cholodenko
& Wendy Melvoin
“Shower the People”

Isaac Zones
“Lean on Me” & Song Session

Ken & Felicia Kramarz
“Friends, Friends, Friends”

Thank You to Our Sponsors

Stars in the Sky

Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Harold Grinspoon Foundation
Benjamin and Sarah Kaatz
Debra and Mark Leslie
Sara and Josh Leslie
Sharon and Seth Leslie
Roz and Jerry Meyer
Joyce Newstat and Susan Lowenberg
Troper Wojcicki Foundation
Deborah and Peter Wexler

Heart of Mine

Friend Family Philanthropic Fund
Sara and Gregg Rubenstein and Stephen and Donna Dobrow
Lori Silverstein and Jason Hess
A. M. Skier Insurance
A.M. Skier Insurance and The Skier Family
Taube Philanthropies
Taube Philanthropies
Joya Tillem and Jon Favreau
Raziel and Hava Ungar

Tall, Tall Trees

Robyn, Mike and Emil Frye
Bill Hair
Sheila and Ned Himmel
Josh ’05, Eliana, Laura and Gary Lauder
Libitzky Family Foundation
Libitzky Family Foundation
LSP Family Foundation
Stacy Mason and Tod Cohen
Ariel Rabin and Sara Buchwalter Rabin
Kaitlin Solera Lu and Eric Lu
Shelley and Amo Tarnoff
Maurice and Helen Werdegar

Oseh Shalom

The Chizen Family
Andi and Rick Frenkel
Paul Herman and Ed Swanson
Marcy Scott Lynn and David Hershenson
Betsy and Paul Zeger and Family

Take Me Home, Country Roads

Rich and Chris Aptaker
Michael Bien
Lena Brook and Jonah Becker
Dave and Kati Chenok
Shannon and Doug Cogen
The Drummond Dulberg Family
Daniel R. Edelson
Tracey Erwin and Eric Raznick
Lisa Friedman and Jim Harris
Michael Jacob and Denise Meier
Michelle and Sue Kletter
Roger M. Low
Robert and Johanna Mandel
Jana and Steven Markowicz
Becca Meyer and Jeff Resnik
Harriet Prensky and Bill Pomeranz
Barbara and Richard Rosenberg
Jamie and Dan Simon-Harris
Diane Stern and Andy Quintana
Laura and Brian Steuer
Mark Vogel and William Denebeim
Lisa and Matt Wertheim
Jeff and Connie Zlot
Jane and Stacey Zones

B’tzelem Elohim

The Bahat Family
The Barme Mishpucha
Elyse, Zack and Zoe Blatt
Dale Brodsky and Robert Brooks
Arin, Jesykah, Emma, and Sevi Forkash Sarkissian
Lani and David Gershik
Richard Goldman
Susan Goldstein and Andy Kivel
The Goodman-Steins
Richard Grabstein and Harriette Unger
Jeff Greendorfer and Family
Neil Hallinan and Vanessa Pena-Hallinan
Allyson Halpern, Dan Cohen and Family
Elaine Highiet
Pam, Evan and Lily Kaizer
Roberta Keller
Rachael and Matthew Kirk-Cortez
Theo Koffler and Family
The Local Butcher Shop, Berkeley
The Local Butcher Shop, Berkeley
David and Eleanor Louis
Leslie and Jason Matlof
David and Fran Meckler
Miriam and Erick Ordin
Peanut Butter
Ardith and Michael Plimack
Barbara and Saul Rockman
Karen Schilling-Gould
Janet Shea and Stacy Dorian
Eric and Debbie Toizer
Michael and Linda Wachtell
Harold and Mary Zlot

Friends, Friends, Friends

Sara and Stan Bailis
The Beck Family
Eve Bernstein and Alex Gersznowicz
Barbara and Bea Bestor
Nancy Bialek and Chris Santas
David Castle and Joanna Kabat
Lisa Cholodenko
David and Heather Coffman
The Collins Family
Shelley Friedman and Tania Lowenthal
Linda Goldman and David Leeb
Lori Hillman and Neal Polachek
Felicia and Ken Kramarz
The Kunz Family
Naomi and Rob Leonard
Anna, Ilene and Jerry Levine
Alexis and Laurie Lezin-Schmidt
Liberty Clothing
Liberty Clothing
Kenneth and Marie Libeson
Hava and Jason Manasse and Family
The Miller Family
Lawrence Moskowitz and Louise Packard
Lenore Naxon and Bill Black
Gayle and Allen Notowitz
Sam Quintana
Leslie and Robert Reisfeld
Lee Ross
Renee Samson
Scoles-Bran Family
Elisabeth Semel and James Thomson
Steven and Gail Shak
Linda Shak
Jeremy and Carolyn Siegel
Carol Singer
Jen Spitzer
Susan and Maury Stern
Roselyn Chroman Swig
Merle and Michael Tarnow
The Weiner and Alexander Family
Rebecca Wilhelm
Kathy Williams
Robin Wolaner and Bonnie Castleman


We are grateful to the All Together Now matching grant program, which ensured Tawonga received an extra $1 from the Harold Grinspoon Foundation for every $2 donated!


Please contact Mollie Breger at mollie@tawonga.org if you have any questions about the event. Until next time, friends!

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